Now the People Have Awoken: Exploring Venezuela's Revolution


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Synopsis Using the largest oil reserves in the world to foment a new order in Venezuela, Chavez has supported some of the most controversial social programs in the world. What makes Venezuela tick? All of a sudden Venezuela has taken a leap onto the world-stage. Who else but its repeatedly elected dictator would call the president of the US "the devil"? Having survived a military coup in 2002, Hugo Chavez and the new Venezuela are experimenting with ways of finding political and economic democracy. Is this a real possibility? Chavez is regularly depicted as the dictator squandering the wealth of the nation and blocking democratic freedoms. Perhaps this is true? The film gives voice to the people behind the revolutionary process ongoing in Venezuela, filming during the December 2006 elections, and analysts ranging from an ex-CIA and Pentagon security analyst to the controversial Venezuelan attorney who authored 'The Chavez Code.' Who is behind the movement and what does it seek? With the interest in Venezuela coming from all sides of the political spectrum, the film engages with the problem of what position to take towards this rapidly changing nation.

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