Systema: Gunpoint Supremacy


Unrated 20062006 2006 160 minsPT2H40M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis The Russian System of Handgun Training. The battle-tested super-skills of Russian Special Units are presented to you by Konstantin Komarov: Major in the Special Service Police Force, Russian Military Reconnaissance, PhD in combat Psychology, Professional Bodyguard for Moscow's Elite. Includes professional dynamic drills of drawing and aiming on the move, falling, rolling and unexpected transpositions with handgun, instant evaluations and psychological control, stretching and expanding time, continuity and precision, partner and group control, single movements for multiple targets, body and weapon synchronization, unique shooting tips, and more! Every move, every idea in GUNPOINT SUPREMACY has been repeatedly applied and perfected in real combat.

Director: Actors:

Studio: Echelon

Genres: Sports

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