Kids World


PG 20012001 2001 93 minsPT1H33M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis Ryan Mitchell is 12 years old... and life is not cool! His parents don't understand him, his teenage brother is constantly getting him in trouble and he's got a crush on the girl across the street... who is unfortunately dating the local bully. One afternoon, after being chased by the bully into an ancient Indian burial ground, he falls (or was he pulled?) into a mysterious underground cave. Amongst the skeletons is a witch doctor's Wishing Glass. With the Wishing Glass he finds he can wish for anything... and after one more grounding by his Dad, he wishes that all the teenagers and parents would disappear. Ryan gets a "Kids World", with no adults or teenagers - nobody over the age of 12 anywhere! But when the bully gets the wishing glass, life stops going Ryan's way... and he's in for the adventure of his life to rescue the world.


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