Samuari: The Last Warrior


PG-13 20042004 2004 66 minsPT1H6M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis For over two thousand years, the way of the Samurai was the law of the land for the kingdom of Japan. These valiant warriors lived their lives by a code of honor, dispensing justice at the end of a sword and defending the island from attack.The strength and skill of the Samurai is legendary, with historical accounts of superhuman feats and immunity to pain. Numerous Hollywood movies have attempted to portray the legend of these wise and fierce warriors, but none before have presented the complete history and philosophical code of the Samurai that is contained in this program. Based on the works of Dr. Stephen Turnbull and featuring some of the top Samurai scenes from popular motion pictures. this program takes you on an amazing journey, along the true path of the last great warriors.

Director: Actors:

Studio: Hannover House

Genres: Documentary


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