Stations of the Cross


Unrated 20152015-07-10T00:00:00 2015-09-21T00:00:00 107 minsPT1H47M PREMIUM

Synopsis Maria and her profoundly Catholic family practice a radical version of the faith. With her confirmation approaching, Maria internalizes the Church's strict messages more than ever, particularly that of the power of sacrifice. Determined to choose her faith over all else, Maria sets out to mirror Christ's journey to his own crucifixion in a series of escalating sacrifices, attempting to please a God she worships unquestioningly. Steered by a domineering mother and willingly tethered to the autistic younger brother she adores, Maria refuses to let anything derail her, including Christian, a classmate whose innocent flirting could ruin everything. Captured in fourteen fixed-angle, single-shot tableaux, STATIONS OF THE CROSS is an indictment of fundamentalist faith and an articulation of one teen's struggle to define her own life.

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