Pennsylvania Hardcore - Documenting a 30 Year History


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Synopsis Over 2.5 years ago Loren W. Lepre, director of Average Superstar Films, set out to do what was thought to be the impossible: track down and interview 200 key people from the Keystone State's 30 year movement in the underground music scene called "Hardcore". The result is a fascinating journey into the past detailing a story about a community of die hard bands and fans whose roots spread across the various cities from east to west in the state. Archival photo and footage pepper the film for the entire run, giving a comprehensive overview of the often times overlooked, misunderstood or forgotten origins, lifestyle and history of a truly unique and rich underground cultural movement that continues to grow. Featuring: Wisdom In Chains, Lamb Of God, Turmoil, Brothers Keeper, Cold World, Strength For A Reason, All Else Failed, Bad Luck 13, Starkweather, Dysphoria, Ruin, McRad, The Stick Men, Pagan Babies, Artistic Behavior plus many more.

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