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Synopsis Through the ages, one legend has withstood the test of time. It is the story of good versus evil. It was a time when a group of men came together, determined to find the ultimate good in life and bring justice to the world. It was the time of King Arthur and The Knights of Justice.

Episode 1 : S1 Ep1 - Opening Kick-Off

In the depths of the Middle Ages, King Arthur and his noble Knights of Justice are taken captive by Arthur's ...

Episode 2 : S1 Ep2 - A Knight's Quest: The Search for Guinevere

Having repelled the Warlords once, the Knights of Justice continue to make their way with Merlin's help toward where Morgana ...

Episode 3 : S1 Ep3 - The Unbeliever

The wizard Merlin recruits help from the future.

Episode 4 : S1 Ep4 - Even Knights Have to Eat

Merlin's falcon reveals to him that the key Arthur alone can use to free King Arthur from the Cave of ...

Episode 5 : S1 Ep5 - Assault on Castle Morgana

The Warlords make a failed attempt on Camelot, though do cause a fire.

Episode 6 : S1 Ep6 - Quest for Courage

The magician Cryslin requests Arthur's help in freeing her father, King Arthur's sorcerer friend Rigis, from a sea serpent.

Episode 7 : S1 Ep7 - The Warlord Knight

Lance and Breeze are attacked by Warlords on their way back to Camelot from a mission, and Lucan succeeds in ...

Episode 8 : S1 Ep8 - The Challenge

Breeze is wounded during a battle with the Warlords.

Episode 9 : S1 Ep9 - To Save a Squire

The Knights teach a young squire about sacrifice.

Episode 10 : S1 Ep10 - The Surrender

Arthur and the Knights of Justice must surrender in order to fight another day.

Episode 11 : S1 Ep11 - Darren's Key

Merlin dreams that Viper possesses a Key of Truth and defeats Darren, and concludes that Darren's key is in Morgana's ...

Episode 12 : S1 Ep12 - Viper's Phantom

Arthur must battle Morgana's General, Viper.

Episode 13 : S1 Ep13 - The Way Back

Tone and Merlin share a dream that, during a battle, Tone falls through a tree and finds himself in a ...