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Synopsis Highlander is an animated feature based on the cult-classic motion picture of the same name. In this ultimate fight between good and evil, one immortal must defeat his enemies to restore peace to the world.

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Episode 1 : S1 Ep1 - The Last of the Macleods

An attack on the Dundees leaves Quentin and his sister orphaned. Ramirez arrives to begin Macleod's training.

Episode 2 : S1 Ep2 - A Taste of Betrayal

Ramirez takes Quentin to see Stevenson, a Jettator specializing in hydroelectic power.

Episode 3 : S1 Ep3 - The Last Weapon

Ramirez is teaching Quentin about balance in a fashion that should seem very familiar to fans of the original film. ...

Episode 4 : S1 Ep4 - Melvyn the Magnificent

Ramirez takes Quentin to find Erol, but they are captured by his mortal former assistant, Melvyn.

Episode 5 : S1 Ep5 - The Sound of Madness

A flashback shows the death of Connor MacLeod at Kortan's hand during the Jettator ceremony.

Episode 6 : S1 Ep6 - The Suspended Village

Ramirez is trying to teach MacLeod how to conquer his fear of heights. Meanwhile, Arak and another Hunter major, Gorth, ...

Episode 7 : S1 Ep7 - Exodus

MacLeod and Co. are on the run from the Hunters, and they arrive on an island with a drawbridge. The ...

Episode 8 : S1 Ep8 - The History Lesson

Quentin cannot understand the importance of knowing the past. Ramirez takes him to the city governed by Lancerlay, the history ...

Episode 9 : S1 Ep9 - The Cursed

The Dundee clan has caught malaria in the marshlands, and found only hostility from another clan led by Scott, a ...

Episode 10 : S1 Ep10 - The Valley of the Thorn Pods

Ramirez and Quentin are attacked by giant thorn pods in the forest, and Ramirez is taken away.

Episode 11 : S1 Ep11 - Fallout

Ramirez and Quentin journey through a desert that was at one time a garden before it was destroyed by atomic ...

Episode 12 : S1 Ep12 - The Courage of Love

Ramirez wants Quentin to learn multiple languages, so it's off to see Brana. Meanwhile, the Hunters raid Brana's home town.

Episode 13 : S1 Ep13 - Setup

We start with a flashback to an earlier age in the Far East, one in which Kortan tried to take ...

Episode 14 : S1 Ep14 - The Sword of Evil

Quentin's nightmares about Kortan haunt him to the point that he decides to journey to Moganda during the night.

Episode 15 : S1 Ep15 - The Eye of Heaven

Ramirez and Quentin find a satellite station run by Shepherd, who blames himself for an error that resulted in the ...

Episode 16 : S1 Ep16 - The Price of Freedom

Quentin complains about the lack of freedom to play, and Ramirez decides to take him to a run-down city controlled ...

Episode 17 : S1 Ep17 - The Treasure in the Sand

The bureaucrats have discovered the creation of a new city by renegade Hunter 451, and Arak is sent in to take ...

Episode 18 : S1 Ep18 - Orane

Quentin discovers an underwater city built by the oceanography Jettator Orane.

Episode 19 : S1 Ep19 - The Secret Prison

Quentin, Ramirez, and Clyde find themselves in a booby trap-filled labyrinth where prisoners are held and worship The Almighty K, ...

Episode 20 : S1 Ep20 - Dead Ringer

A trap for Quentin and Ramirez apparently fails. Later Ramirez behaves out of character.

Episode 21 : S1 Ep21 - Orion's Reign

Terrorists attack Moganda in the name of Orion. Ramirez wants Quentin to learn about astronomy, so they journey to find ...

Episode 22 : S1 Ep22 - Rage of the Hurricane

MacLeod and Ramirez see that the Hunters are moving in to attack the Hurricanes, a secret cult that gathers natural ...

Episode 23 : S1 Ep23 - Oblivion

Kortan becomes fed up with Malone, and chooses the recently captured Neil Dundee to be his new human key.

Episode 24 : S1 Ep24 - Lord for a Day

The Jettator Volta is captured by the Hunters, and Ramirez and Quentin hatch a plan to free him.

Episode 25 : S1 Ep25 - The Siege of the Dundees

Quentin warns Glenn and Neil of oncoming Hunters, and the Dundees set up defenses.

Episode 26 : S1 Ep26 - The Blood of My Enemy

Arak mortally wounds Asklepios in an attempt on Ramirez's life. Fellow bureaucrat Valka begs Kortan to help him, but he ...

Episode 27 : S1 Ep27 - Valka

Ramirez takes out bureaucratic spies, giving Arak something to use against Asklepios.

Episode 28 : S1 Ep28 - The Survivors from Outer Space

A group of astronauts awake from hypersleep and crash on Earth after being gone for 7 centuries. Emerson, an immortal who ...

Episode 29 : S1 Ep29 - King of the Ants

Ramirez and Quentin hide from the Hunters in an abandoned city.

Episode 30 : S1 Ep30 - Eagle Valley

Quentin and Ramirez visit a village that was victimized by a Hunters slave raid.