Extreme Dinosaurs



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Synopsis 65 Million years ago, Dinosaurs disappeared. Now they're Back! T-Bone, Spike, Bullzeye, and Stegz. 4 prehistoric dinosaurs, evolved into intelligent beings by an extra-dimensional scientist reawaken in a bizarre new world, but they aren't alone. Wicked Raptors are also in the modern world. That means trouble. The fate of humanity lay in the hands of four heroic dinosaurs. Extreme Dinosaurs!

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Episode 1 : S1 Ep1 - Out of Time

The Dinosaurs and the Raptors are evolved and made intelligent by Argor Zardok, an evil scientist from the extra dimensional ...

Episode 2 : S1 Ep2 - Fossil Fooled

Now that they know they're the world's last surviving dinosaurs, the Dinosaurs get acquainted with everything the 20th century has ...

Episode 3 : S1 Ep3 - Ick-Thysaurus Vacation

The Dinosaurs win a TV contest and travel to Mexico to collect their prize: a vacation in a tropical paradise.

Episode 4 : S1 Ep4 - Inevitable Eggstinction

The Extreme Dinosaurs find their lost eggs, fossilized. They attempt to find a way to revitalize them. That is, until ...

Episode 5 : S1 Ep5 - Monster Saurus Truckadon

The extreme dino's go up against the raptors in a monster truck tournament.

Episode 6 : S1 Ep6 - Saurian Sniffles

One of the Dinosaurs catches the flu.

Episode 7 : S1 Ep7 - Raptoroid

One of the Raptors inhales a chemical industrial fluid to become mechanized. The Extreme Dinosaurs will have to team up ...

Episode 8 : S1 Ep8 - Mission Implausible

The extreme dinosaurs aren't sure they can stop the raptors this time around.

Episode 10 : S1 Ep10 - Lochness Mess

The Extreme Dinosaurs travel to Loch Ness, Ireland to search for the legendary beast to see if they can communicate ...

Episode 12 : S1 Ep12 - Dialing for Dinosaurs

The extreme dinosaurs use the internet to try and track down more of their kind.

Episode 13 : S1 Ep13 - Cyber-Raptors

The Raptors attack a mechanical lab and encase themselves in state-of-the-art armor to make sure the Extreme Dinosaurs take a ...

Episode 14 : S1 Ep14 - Lunar Tunes

The moon causes some strange things to happen, which the extreme dinosaurs decide to look in to.

Episode 15 : S1 Ep15 - Raptorian Crude

The Raptors plot to fool the Extreme Dinosaurs that they do not wish to rule the world anymore. When the ...

Episode 17 : S1 Ep17 - Shrink Rap

The raptors shrink the extreme dino's.

Episode 18 : S1 Ep18 - Jurassic Art

The Extreme Dinosaurs give their opinions on some ancient artifacts. However, the Raptors plan to steal the artifacts to sell ...

Episode 19 : S1 Ep19 - There's no Place like Dome

The Extreme Dinosaurs excavate one of their old hangouts before the great meteor struck and wiped all of their relatives ...

Episode 20 : S1 Ep20 - The Rulebook of Love

The Extreme Dinosaurs excavate one of their old hangouts before the great meteor struck and wiped all of their relatives ...

Episode 21 : S1 Ep21 - Have a Nice Daynosaur

The extreme dinosaurs try to have a relaxing day, but it keeps getting interrupted.

Episode 22 : S1 Ep22 - The Dinosaur Prophecy

The extreme dinos try to stop a prophecy from coming true.

Episode 23 : S1 Ep23 - Bones of Contention

Another dinosaur comes back from the dead.

Episode 24 : S1 Ep24 - The Bad Seed

The extreme Dinosaurs are trying to weed out a bad seed.

Episode 25 : S1 Ep25 - The Return of Argor

An old foe of the extreme dinos returns.

Episode 26 : S1 Ep26 - Holiday on Ice

The Extreme Dinosaurs take a vacation in subzero conditions and run into the Raptors.

Episode 27 : S1 Ep27 - Earth vs. The Flying Raptors

The raptors get their hands on a flying device.

Episode 28 : S1 Ep28 - The Raptor Who Would be King

One of the raptors dreams he has taken over the world.

Episode 29 : S1 Ep29 - Jealousarus

Bullzeye gets jealous of one of the others.

Episode 30 : S1 Ep30 - Day of the Condorsaurus

The raptors send a robot after the Extreme Dinos.