American Insurrection


R 20212021-11-29T00:00:00 2021-12-07T00:00:00 115 minsPT1H55M PREMIUM

Synopsis The Volunteers, a rapidly expanding white supremacist hate group, self-polices and terrorizes local communities across the United States. What starts as a glorified neighborhood watch group sanctioned by the increasingly conservative government quickly roils into an unregulated but nevertheless organized civilian militia. Their purpose? To track, control, oppress and drive out anyone who is not white, straight, and Christian. Those not aligned with the dogma of The Volunteers are fleeing the American nightmare. Stationed near the border of Canada, Sarah and her husband, Jarret, activists and conductors for the new Underground Railroad, anxiously await the signal that it is safe to shuttle their friends Zahabiya, a Muslim woman who lost her family in a mosque bombing, and David, her husband, over the border. With The Volunteers growing stronger and more violent every day, this time Sarah and Jarret will be escaping, too.

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