I Name This Ship - Flockton Flyer S1 E6

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Synopsis The storyline revolves around two features - firstly the frantic preparations at Flockton for the grand opening, including the provision of refreshments and the arrival of a brass band with an overly nervous conductor in charge - secondly, the desire of Commander Frost to drive the engine (for which he is not qualified) which proves an uncontrollable desire. Having intended to drive the engine along the platform, the Commander finds himself unable to stop the locomotive and moving at speed down the line; ultimately his progress is stopped by Jan and Bill when they arrange a 'controlled' collision to stop the engine. Bill and some railway volunteers arrive on the hand-pumped cart, but a passing quartet of shire horses are needed to pull the Flockton Flyer free of the debris. Finally the engine is named by Frost's wife, and the band plays Sir Edward Elgar's triumphant Land of Hope and Glory as the first public train pulls away from the station.

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