Drama Queens


Unrated 20092009-01-01T00:00:00 2009-01-01T00:00:00 97 minsPT1H37M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis When his girlfriend he's about to move in with is caught cheating, sensitive and unlucky in love Dean (John Meindersee) finds himself about to be homeless. When he meets the "doll" of his dreams, Angela (Leslie Picco), and decides to share a house with her and her two female roommates, Dean is put to his wits end by the new domesticity surrounded by females. Spurred on by the inebriated support of his pals, self proclaimed lady killers and modern day lounge hipsters led by the fast-talking Frank (Brennan Taylor), will Dean find his way past the Drama of his roommates, their tampon-chewing cat Ava, the drunken nights hanging out in smokey cocktail lounges and the bad advice of his pals, to reach the heart of his "doll" or has the French lead singer of a cover band already stolen it?Set in the fast-paced alcohol fueled single scene of Portland, Oregon, Drama Queens is the hip and hilarious must see comedy written and directed by Levi J. Lieb that rewrites the rules on and redefines the boundaries between domestic relationships and high flying bachelorhood.

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