Everybody Sing


Unrated 19381938-01-01T00:00:00 1938-01-01T00:00:00 91 minsPT1H31M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis Young Judy Bellaire (Judy Garland) has trouble fitting in at school, causing trouble by introducing her jazzy style into music class and being expelled as a result. Returning home to her dysfunctional and financially challenged family, where her playwright father, actress mother, and beautiful elder sister compete for attention along with the funny Russian maid, Olga (Fanny Brice) and the hunky cook, Ricky (Allan Jones), who is not-so-secretly in love with Judy's elder sister, Sylvia (Lynne Carver). Judy foils her father's attempt to ship her off to Europe by escaping from the ship and then trying out for a musical show as a blackface singer, taking advantage of her love of jazz to enchant the show's producer, who hires her and makes her a star of his new show. Meanwhile, Ricky cuts a personal album musically expressing his love for Sylvia. Nevertheless, Sylvia is forced into engagement with another man. When the distraught parents discover their younger daughter is appearing in a musical show, Sylvia rejoins her love, who is also appearing in the show. Finally, all the cast members are reunited, including the Russian maid, who finds her lost love, Boris. The movie's happy ending includes an extravagant stage piece with gorgeously attired chorus girls, happily reunited parents and child, and the happy kiss between Sylvia and Ricky, who is now the producer of a successful musical show.

Studio: Echelon

Genres: Comedy

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