Strippers vs Werewolves


Unrated 20132013 2013 93 minsPT1H33M PREMIUM

Synopsis The Silvadollaz strip club usually rocks at night, but tonight, a private dance gets a customer hot and bothered...then sprouting fangs and claws! Exotic dancer Justice defends herself with a silver fountain pen to the brute's eye - and rekindles a blood feud that pits STRIPPERS VS WEREWOLVES. Club owner Janet believes murdering customers is bad for business, and orders the bouncer to dispose of the body. When the corpse turns up, pack leader Jack swears revenge by the moon and sets his bloodthirsty boys on the scent. Unfortunately, his second-in-command, Scott, is engaged to sweet Justice, which throws a serious wrench into the wedding plans. Add to the chaos a sexy interlude between the two, ending in a love bite which may end up turning her into a werewolf, as well. Strippers toting shotguns. Werewolves with low self-esteem. Bright lights, skimpy outfits, buckets of blood, and Robert Englund as a patriarch hound with a taste for the ladies. STRIPPERS VS WEREWOLVES is a sexy, raunchy, hairy good time.

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