The Assistants


Unrated 20092009-01-01T00:00:00 2009-01-01T00:00:00 99 minsPT1H39M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis It begins as a joke as Producer Jack Ryder's (Chris Conner) friends write fake coverage on a non-existent screenplay entitled Journey's End and attach the name of reclusive screenwriting legend Harlin W. Keyes (Stacy Keach). But when the press coverage falls into the omnipotent hands of playboy deal maker Gary Greene (Joe Mantegna) all hell breaks loose! For the aspiring and ambitious assistants, it's a simple plan to use their power to turn the heat up, while carefully maneuvering themselves into position to get jobs on the project known as Journey's End. Ben, the affable assistant to trophy wife Sandy Goldman (Jane Seymour) has 72 hours to write the entire screenplay in the style of Harlin W. Keyes but there's a big problem... a case of severe writer's block that he's had for the past three years! A deal maker looking for respect, a trophy wife desperate not to be forgotten and a famous screenwriter who has disappeared without a trace... all intertwined in a dilemma that only The Assistants can resolve.

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