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Synopsis Ultraforce follows a superhero group of the same name as they protect the public from danger and mayhem.

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Episode 2 : S1 Ep2 - Armageddon

Whilst Atalon continues his attack against humankind Ultraforce find out where he is keeping the missiles.

Episode 3 : S1 Ep3 - Lord Pumpkin's Pie

Prototype gets sick of being Ultratech's hired gun so takes some time off and visits his mother.

Episode 5 : S1 Ep5 - Primal Scream

One of Ultraforce's enemies mysteriously returns, whilst Kevin is having problems controlling his alter-ego Prime.

Episode 6 : S1 Ep6 - You Can Never Go Home Again

Memebers of the Ultraforce Reflect upon their lives.

Episode 9 : S1 Ep9 - A Veiled Threat

Hardcase's latest co-star Veil is hiding a secret from him, that she has ultra abilities.

Episode 10 : S1 Ep10 - Prime Time

Hardcase, Prototype, and Prime team up to battle NM-E as he tries to steal nuclear missiles from an army base. ...

Episode 11 : S1 Ep11 - Everything That Rises Must Converge

The passengers of a cable car, hit by a cosmic lightening bolt, return with Ultra abilities and form a team ...

Episode 13 : S1 Ep13 - Night and the Nightman

Johnny Domino is the latest ultra to emerge from the cable car accident.