The Orphans' Christmas - Long John Silver S1 E3

3 1 Long John Silver SUBSCRIPTION

Unrated 19551955 1955 30 minsPT0H30M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis It's Christmas time, but Jim Hawkins, an orphan himself, is too depressed to participate in the holiday festivities. He's just met the children living in Miss Willoughby's orphanage, where they not only don't celebrate Christmas, but aren't permitted to speak to other children. Long John Silver takes matters into his own hands, and arranges for his crew to spirit the children away to Polly Purity's Christmas part, while holding Miss Willoughby at gunpoint. Long John learns that Miss Willoughby had a very stern upbringing herself and convinces her that fun and games must be a part of a child's upbringing. He convinces her to join the merrymakers.

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