Smashing the Crime Ring - The Green Hornet Strikes Again S1 E15

15 1 The Green Hornet Strikes Again SUBSCRIPTION

Unrated 19401940-01-01T00:00:00 1940-01-01T00:00:00 19 minsPT0H19M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis Britt Reid learns that Foranti, head of the Builders' Association, is stealing Association funds. As The Green Hornet, Reid calls on Foranti and forces him to hand over the stolen money. The Hornet then calls on Breedon, Foranti's undercover agent, but Foranti fires at Breedon and he falls. The hornet overcomes Foranti, but the police arrive and the hornet has to hide with Foranti in a car while Kato decoys the police into following him in the Hornet's car. Will The Green Hornet be able to escape the stern hand of the law? Will the stolen money be recovered to its rightful owners?

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