Farewell to Tuck - The Adventures of Robin Hood S3 E39

39 3 The Adventures of Robin Hood https://www.flixfling.com/movie/17671 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047706 SUBSCRIPTION

Unrated 19551955 1955 30 minsPT0H30M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis The Sheriff has long suspected that Friar Tuck is in league with Robin Hood, and seizes an opportunity to get rid of him, when the archbishop arrives in Nottingham, looking for a good man to take over a parish in Sussex.

https://www.flixfling.com/movie/5691/watch-Farewell-to-Tuck-The-Adventures-of-Robin-Hood-S3-E39 https://www.flixfling.com/movie/5691

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