Roaring Six Guns


Unrated 19371937 1937 57 minsPT0H57M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis Although Buck Sinclair (Kermit Maynard) is in love with Beth Ringold (Mary Hayes), her father George Ringold (Sam Flint) is one of his most bitter enemies; he is bent on Beth marrying "Mile-a-Way" Roberts (John Merton), his conniving partner. Buck leases some very valuable government grazing land, which Ringold and Roberts are anxious to obtain since their ranch land is barren. When Buck's lease expires, Ringold instructs the local bank, in which he is the largest stockholder, not to underwrite Buck's bid. But "Wildcat" Roper (Budd Buster), a rancher who fears Ringold will freeze him and other ranchers out if he gains control of Buck's lease, comes to Buck's aid. Roberts imports "Sundown" (Earle Hodgins), a professional gunman to get rid of Buck.

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