Under California Stars


Unrated 19481948 1948 70 minsPT1H10M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis Roy has just finished his latest film and leaves for his ranch where he will be broadcasting a show celebrating his tenth year in movies. When Roy and Trigger arrive at his ranch he finds Cookie has hired his relatives. Caroline, the only relative that doesn't have a strong resemblance to Cookie, is the horse trainer. Bob Tells Roy a gang of men are hunting range horses. Roy puts a stop to hunting on his land. Pop decides there's money in kidnapping Trigger and demands a $100,000 ransom. McFarland's stepson, Ted, and his dog Tramp, run away and are found hiding in Roy's barn. A trap is set to catch the kidnapper's ranch.

https://www.flixfling.com/movie/14227/watch-Under-California-Stars https://www.flixfling.com/movie/14227

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