Take A Letter Mr. Jones



Unrated 19811981-01-01T00:00:00 1981-01-01T00:00:00 6 episodes PREMIUM

Synopsis This series follows the misadventures of Joan Warner, a top business executive as she battles the sexual politics of big business and the general ineptness of her staff. She is aided in her struggle to balance motherhood, her career and her "mad Italian maid" by her faithful male secretary Graham Jones.

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Episode 1 : Take A Letter Mr. Jones S1 E1

"The Interview" - Lucy's visit to the dentist threatens to ruin her mother's interview with a top newspaper. But Mr. ...

Episode 2 : Take A Letter Mr. Jones S1 E2

"The Protector" - Rod Newton, a fellow executive from Australia, has designs on Ms. Warner.

Episode 3 : Take A Letter Mr. Jones S1 E3

"The Holiday" - A series of disasters at work interfere with Mr. Jones' holiday plans.

Episode 4 : Take A Letter Mr. Jones S1 E4

"The Japanese Contract" - Japanese executive Mr. Kimura arrives in England to discuss a business deal with Ms. Warner's firm. ...

Episode 5 : Take A Letter Mr. Jones S1 E5

"The Trade Fair" - Ms. Warner's assignment to attend a trade fair coincides with Lucy's school holidays so at Graham's ...

Episode 6 : Take A Letter Mr. Jones S1 E6

"Business Before Pleasure" - Ms. Warner is host to Joe Bradley, a senior executive from Eight Star's New York office, ...