Camp Wilderness



Unrated 19851985-01-01T00:00:00 1985-01-01T00:00:00 6 episodes PREMIUM

Synopsis A group of fun-loving, adventuresome teenagers - a couple of warmhearted, responsible counselors - the lure of the secrets and mysteries of nature - Camp Wilderness will captivate young audiences with their wholesome blend of adventure, exploration and coming-of-age experiences. Teenagers everywhere will identify with the young campers as they discover the excitement, danger and beauty of untamed nature!

Episode 1 : Camp Wilderness S1 E1

"It's All Mine" A prospector is explaining some mining techniques to the campers deep underground when Matt discovers an old ...

Episode 2 : Camp Wilderness S1 E2

"Superwheels" - Invited to Hawaii for a week of surfing, our campers find the waves too small and join some ...

Episode 3 : Camp Wilderness S1 E3

"Wilderness Boy" - Will tells the story of Little Joshua, whose father, and early settler, was attacked by a bear. ...

Episode 4 : Camp Wilderness S1 E4

"Hang Ten" - Mark and Phil relive their Hawaiian vacation and demonstrate all the skateboard tricks they can do.

Episode 5 : Camp Wilderness S1 E5

"Ship Shape" - Phil's Uncle Don invites the campers to spend a day on his sailboat where they share many ...

Episode 6 : Camp Wilderness S1 E6

"Balloon Adventure" - Ruth and Nora discover two aeronauts preparing to take a balloon ride. They join them and get ...