Systema: Holds, Releases and Attacks


Unrated 20072007 2007 119 minsPT1H59M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis Vladimir shows you a ton of ways the Russian "Spec Op" agents get out of holds - all of them very unique. Even veteran martial artists from other styles "ooh" and "aah" when they see these moves! Like when someone grabs you from behind and puts the deadly and highly-feared "Figure 4" choke hold around your neck. Vladimir shows you how to "pop" out of it with on simple move that none of the Oriental martial artists have ever shown you before! Several ways to get out of various types of arms locks. One of them is a "chain reaction" move that knocks your opponent in the head, even though you have "no room" to move! And much, much more.

Director: Actors:

Studio: Echelon

Genres: Sports

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