Mad Tiger


Unrated 20162016-05-06T00:00:00 2016-07-05T00:00:00 82 minsPT1H22M PREMIUM

Synopsis MAD TIGER is a feature length documentary that follows two band mates, Yellow (Kengo Hioki) and Red (Kotaro Tsukada), who have been best friends and business partners touring the U.S as part of the performance-art punk band called Peelander-Z for the last 15 years. Peelander-Z produces shows that include audience participation and performances - like human bowling! - that push the boundaries of madcap acrobatic stage antics. Seeking a life outside of the band's zany shows, Red announces that he will do one final tour before he quits, shocking his friend. Feeling betrayed and abandoned, and trying to separate himself from his character's super-positive faade, Yellow tries to keep it together, in more ways than one. Channeling the universal stories of friendship and the pursuit of happiness, MAD TIGER builds to an unexpectedly moving crescendo, one befitting of Peelander-Z's cacophonous melody-making, forcing all involved to change and grow.

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