5 Day Fit Abs



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Synopsis Sculpt lean, toned core muscles that not only look great, but help you with daily life and compliment the rest of your fitness regime.

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Studio: Gaiam

Genres: Fitness

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Episode 1 : 5 Day Fit Abs - Yoga for Abs

Build powerful, lean abs that help you look and feel your best.

Episode 2 : 5 Day Fit Abs - Pilates Powerhouse

Focused core work that hits your abs from every angle.

Episode 3 : 5 Day Fit Abs - Cardio Core Sculpt

No muscle will feel left out of this high-energy cardio and strength blend that increases core strength and tone.

Episode 4 : 5 Day Fit Abs - Core Energizer

Powerful martial arts and boxing-inspired moves to strengthen your core and re-shape your body.

Episode 5 : 5 Day Fit Abs - Pilates Core Challenge

Create a sleek firm body by targeting your entire core, including abs, lower back, hips and glutes.