5 Day Fit Pilates



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Synopsis An effective selection of five Pilates workouts that will strengthen and lengthen every muscle of your body, accessible to all fitness levels and featuring top-notch Pilates talent, Ana Cabn and Jillian Hessel.

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Studio: Gaiam

Genres: Fitness

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Episode 1 : 5 Day Fit Pilates - A.M. Pilates

Award-winning program that helps you get moving in the morning with a set of invigorating Pilates mat exercises.

Episode 2 : 5 Day Fit Pilates - P.M. Pilates

Evening workout designed to unwind tense muscles and soothe the nervous system after a stressful work day.

Episode 3 : 5 Day Fit Pilates - Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss

A high-intensity program designed to sustain weight loss success by elevating the heart rate for longer periods to burn more ...

Episode 4 : 5 Day Fit Pilates - Cardio Pilates

Invigorating fusion of classic Pilates movements and fat-burning cardio exercises.

Episode 5 : 5 Day Fit Pilates - Easy Pilates

Shows you the step-by-step fundamentals of Pilates and helps you master them at your own pace.