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Synopsis Acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee leads you through the "best of" yoga for today's top yoga practices! Discover the benefits of Flow Yoga, Core Yoga and Power Yoga all in one Gaiam program. Rodney guides you through the "best of" poses and sequences within these three types of yoga, delivering the ultimate yoga experience.

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Episode 1 : Rodney Yee Best of Yoga - Flow Yoga

Rodney's "best of" flow yoga, also known as vinyasa yoga, not only connects movement to breath, but also focuses on ...

Episode 2 : Rodney Yee Best of Yoga - Core Yoga

Developing a strong core is key to building a solid yoga foundation. Rodney's "best of" core yoga program focuses energy ...

Episode 3 : Rodney Yee Best of Yoga- Power Yoga

Develop strength from the inside out with Rodney's "best of" power sequences. This dynamic yoga practice mixes the mental and ...