Crunch Live: Hardcore Cardio



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Synopsis Get your body fit with this series of 30-min HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts that will leave you dripping in sweat from head to toe. Boost your energy and torch over 800 calories in the process. Best part? You'll have some serious fun doing it.

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Studio: Gaiam

Genres: Fitness


Episode 1 : Crunch Live: Hardcore Cardio - Diesel

Get DIESEL with this hard-core, calorie blasting, interval-training workout that can be done with our without weights. This full body ...

Episode 2 : Crunch Live: Hardcore Cardio - Cardio Kickboxing

This badass cardio kickboxing workout is designed to elevate your heart rate as well as challenge your muscles and mind. ...

Episode 3 : Crunch Live: Hardcore Cardio - Overdrive

This high intensity interval training that will push you to the max and leave you dripping in sweat. From tabata ...