Leo and the Shark


PG-13 20192019-10-11T00:00:00 2022-01-13T00:00:00 81 minsPT1H21M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis Leo White is an ambitious young man with no sense of direction. His frustration with his mundane job causes him to have an explosive encounter with his manager Katrina. This otherwise uneventful skirmish leads to a series of unintended consequences. After being stalked relentlessly by a powerful and mysterious entity Leo must set aside his humanity and act in the interest of self preservation. It is survival of the fittest and Leo knows there is a predator lurking in the depths waiting to devour him.

https://www.flixfling.com/movie/28473/watch-Leo-and-the-Shark https://www.flixfling.com/movie/28473

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