TV Party: Halloween Show


Unrated 20062006 2006 58 minsPT0H58M PREMIUM

Synopsis Halloween 1979 happened to fall on a Wednesday, which means it was TV Party night! Glenn is dressed in a casual Dolly Parton lesbian look. Chris Stein is a wicked witch. Debbie Harry is an umbrella. Richard Sohl is a "top model from the Candy Jones Agency" and teaches a new dance called "The Subway." Teri Toye is as a fairy princess. Fab Five Freddy is a nickel bag, interviewed on the dangers of things put into Trick or Treat bags. The TV Party Orchestra looks brilliant, with Lenny Ferrari as a cubist painting and Walter Steding as a computer containing a gelatin capsule. This is TV Party at is most dense and abstract, filled with cross-talk, double entendre and obscure information.

Director: Actors:

Studio: MVD Visual

Genres: Music

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