X Ray Visions


Unrated 20082008 2008 68 minsPT1H8M PREMIUM

Synopsis A casual, in-depth account of the life and times of one of the most important cultural epicenters in Portland's history, "X-Ray Visions" tells the story of the X-Ray Cafe, R.I.P. 1994. Did you ever wonder how Portland appeared on the map as THE epicenter for weird, alternative arts and culture - it was because of the X-Ray - a wholly singular all-ages venue with a true "anything goes" aesthetic--a punk band, a circus act, toddlers banging on things, and a man spanking volunteers might all appear on a single bill--and its presence in Old Town in the early 90's put Portland on the map as a radical, rock and roll kind of town. Awesome for the nostalgic and the curious alike. Comes with a bonus CD soundtrack of former X-Ray regular acts, including Big Daddy Meat Straw, New Bad Things, Crackerbash, Frances Farmer Gals, and more!

Director: Actors:

Studio: MVD Visual

Genres: Documentary

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