Britney Spears - Innocent Beauty


Unrated 20072007 2007 60 minsPT1H0M PREMIUM

Synopsis No one was expecting Britney to storm back with a new album. After a bizarrely turbulent couple of years, she was all but written off as a performer and singer - so when talk of a new album began circulating, not many were holding their breath. But with the record out, reviews healthy and sales virtually matching those achieved during the girl's heyday, it seems Madam Britney is well and truly BACK! This film tells story of Britney Spears' rise to her status as global pop princess. From the tiny wannabe on the Mickey Mouse club to one of the most famous, talented and downright desirable women on the planet, this program uses previously unseen footage, candid interviews with her closest friends and colleagues, exclusive contributions from DJs , producers, journalists and biographers and a host of other features to achieve the finest Britney Spears documentary yet to emerge.

Director: Actors:

Studio: MVD Visual

Genres: Music, Documentary

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