Bruce Springsteen - Under The Influence


Unrated 20102010 2010 155 minsPT2H35M PREMIUM

Synopsis Under the Influence examines the foundations of Springsteen's craft and illustrates the huge influence that artists such as these have had on him throughout his career. This superb program also looks broadly at the political, literary and cultural influences that have affected New Jersey's favorite son, and all at once provides the most detailed and fascinating film ever made about Springsteen's inspiration. Featuring rare footage of Bruce and all of his favorites, alongside revealing archive interviews with The Boss himself, and insightful contributions from Vini Lopez and Gary Mallaber (ex of the E Street Band), Gary (US) Bonds, biographer Eric Alterman, Rolling Stone's Anthony De Curtis and numerous other associates, experts and influences. This film is both a detailed, academic look at Bruce Springsteen's artistic development and an entertaining and joyous celebration of his own music and that of the artists he loved most.

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Studio: MVD Visual

Genres: Music, Documentary

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