TAD took the idea of playing LIVE very seriously; it was a life or death matter. This DVD not only stands as testimony to that claim, but it's also a cinematic document of the world's HEAVIEST band EVER (as Bruce Pavitt so incisively puts it) bodily stretching that assertion beyond any previously known limitations. Better than a tattoo, it's an open scar that roars, a broken alarm bell ringing from the lost event horizon of a long-dead star, one we could never see--that is, until this DVD clipped it back onto the light box of the silver screen, where it can be deciphered and viewed anew. This documentary telescopes the musical pathology of TAD down into the image of an electrocardiograph recording the minor-mode melody of a final infarct, a demented soundtrack that is neither tame nor de-clawed. It was never meant to be. Dare to feel it, and, like me, risk bleeding internally. - TAD - Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears


Unrated 20082008 2008 93 minsPT1H33M PREMIUM

Synopsis Kurt Danielson, Halloween 2007

Director: Actors:

Studio: MVD Visual

Genres: Concerts, Music, Documentary

https://www.flixfling.com/movie/4630/watch-TAD-took-the-idea-of-playing-LIVE-very-seriously-it-was-a-life-or-death-matter-This-DVD-not-only-stands-as-testimony-to-that-claim-but-its-also-a-cinematic-document-of-the-worlds-HEAVIEST-band-EVER-as-Bruce-Pavitt-so-incisively-puts-it-bodily-stretching-that-assertion-beyond-any-previously-known-limitations-Better-than-a-tattoo-its-an-open-scar-that-roars-a-broken-alarm-bell-ringing-from-the-lost-event-horizon-of-a-long-dead-star-one-we-could-never-see--that-is-until-this-DVD-clipped-it-back-onto-the-light-box-of-the-silver-screen-where-it-can-be-deciphered-and-viewed-anew-This-documentary-telescopes-the-musical-pathology-of-TAD-down-into-the-image-of-an-electrocardiograph-recording-the-minor-mode-melody-of-a-final-infarct-a-demented-soundtrack-that-is-neither-tame-nor-de-clawed-It-was-never-meant-to-be-Dare-to-feel-it-and-like-me-risk-bleeding-internally-TAD---Busted-Circuits-and-Ringing-Ears https://www.flixfling.com/movie/4630

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