Keyshia Cole - A Ghetto Rose Unauthorized


Unrated 20082008 2008 60 minsPT1H0M PREMIUM

Synopsis With the gift and perseverance to obtain her dream, Keyshia Cole implements a sultry rhythmic voice that dominates the vocal air waves. From the mean streets of Oakland to the heartland of the hip hop community, this energetic singer has overcome many obstacles that majority of the masses wish never to endear. Through her young life she has traveled a rough and rocky road to bring smiles and laughter to the face of the world. From orphan to superstar, street crimes and street life, crack cocaine and a mother who can't stay out of jail... How could she have achieved her dream? In this documentary you will be walked through the trials and tribulations that led to her success. She has become a darling of the music industry and carries a reflection that resembles a red rose. The life, the story, the times and the message... Keyshia Cole.

Director: Actors:

Studio: MVD Visual

Genres: Music, Documentary

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