Death Metal: Are We Watching You Die?


Unrated 20102010 2010 120 minsPT2H0M PREMIUM

Synopsis "Death, thou too shalt die" does not seem to be a fitting statement for Death Metal. In this two-hour documentary, many exalted artists, including Marduk, Mayhem (Attila), Cradle of Filth, Krisiun, Amon Amarth, Theatre of Tragedy, and Atrocity, expound on a variety of subjects. Of course, a documentary about Death Metal must also include Cannibal Corpse - George Corpsegrinder Fisher provides a lot of insight. The fact that the death metal has been hybridized but still identifiable as "Death Metal" after all these years means that it was NOT a passing trend, and indications are that the form will continue to exist, lest the enemies of all music (theft of songs) cut the bands down (a topic that is debated in the DVD). Most bands were also filmed while performing on stage - and you will be treated to some exclusive clips. In addition to this, a diverse assortment of music-video clips have also been provided. Brutal Swedish Death Metal (Deranged), Grindcore from Poland (Haemorhage), Grind from Japan (Bathtub Shitters), and the unusual stylings of Immolation add visual balance to the interviews.

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Studio: MVD Visual

Genres: Concerts, Music

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