Bowie In The 70's Part 1


Unrated 20082008 2008 150 minsPT2H30M PREMIUM

Synopsis This DVD contains the previously available titles "Origins Of A Starman" and "Under Review '76-'79". These documentary reviews concentrate on David Bowie in the 1970's - the decade in which he not only made his name but in which he dominated the music scene like no other musical icon before or since. Running at over 2.5 hours the program looks at his pre-fame era, his early low-selling albums, his glam period when the world sat up and took notice and his constant rejuvenation throughout the decade when every few weeks it seemed this bizarre creature would adopt a brand new persona. This set features rare and classic performance footage, exclusive interviews, exhaustive archive and fascinating contributions from his closest friends, associates, band members, producers and other colleagues and review and critique from the finest Bowie writers, archivists and journalists, including one of the final interviews the late, legendary DJ John Peel ever gave.

Director: Actors:

Studio: MVD Visual

Genres: Concerts, Music, Documentary

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