A Tale of Two Christmases/The Answer


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Synopsis Enjoy two Christmas classics in one with this double feature!A Tale of Two Christmases: Daydreamer Jerry Farrell loves his wife Ann and daughter Barby, but his irresponsible behavior has caused a family breakup. When Jerry is forbidden from seeing his family for two years, he is forced to contemplate the error of his ways.The Answer: Disenchanted Hollywood writer Bart returns to his hometown in an attempt to "find himself." While passing time at his uncle's bar, Bart meets a colorful assortment of characters, including a ditzy burlesque dancer and the "Deacon", a boozy genius who claims to have written the greatest play in the world.

Director: Actors:

Studio: Osiris

Genres: Drama, Family, Holiday

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  • Oct 23 2012

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