Unrated 20092009-01-01T00:00:00 2009-01-01T00:00:00 94 minsPT1H34M SUBSCRIPTION

Synopsis Life in a small town isn't easy and for Mitsy, it's especially rough. Misty abandoned by her mother, is left to be brought up by her temperamental grandmother Bride. Bride has good intentions but is harshly overbearing. Mitsy dreams if becoming a hairdresser, but her current emotional well-being revolves around a small dog named Sparky. After Bride, agrees to let Mitsy keep the dog, the teen tries desperately to give Sparky a comfortable home. But Mitsy's life is shaken once more when her troubled mother returns home and Bride wants nothing to do with her deadbeat daughter. The constant turmoil and conflict has created a total dysfunctional family. At the same time, Mitsy has discovered her emerging sexuality and develops a crush on a young man who ha no future. For Mitsy it's a question of how do you hold onto love and hope when you're surrounded by hopelessness?

Studio: Osiris

Genres: Drama

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