Long John Silver



Unrated 19541954-01-01T00:00:00 1954-01-01T00:00:00 12 episodes PREMIUM

Synopsis In this sequel to Treasure Island, Long John hopes to rescue his friend Jim from a rival pirate and return for more treasure.

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Episode 1 : Long John Silver S1 E1

"The Necklace" - When Long John is falsely accused of murder, Miss Purity volunteers to save him if he sets ...

Episode 2 : Long John Silver S1 E2

"Pieces of Eight" - Long John Silver and his crew search for Spanish gold on the West Coast of Panama.

Episode 3 : Long John Silver S1 E3

"The Orphans' Christmas" - It's Christmas time, but Jim Hawkins, an orphan himself, is too depressed to participate in the ...

Episode 4 : Long John Silver S1 E4

"Execution Dock" - Silver is accused of a crime and is executed - but its all a dream.

Episode 5 : Long John Silver S1 E5

"The Eviction" - Evicted from her tavern, Miss Purity finds shelter on Long John's ship, where she domesticates the crew.

Episode 7 : Long John Silver S1 E7

"The Tale of a Tooth" - Silver has a horrible toothache!

Episode 8 : Long John Silver S1 E8

"Ship O' the Dead" - Young Jim Hawkins spends so much time daydreaming that nobody believes him when he comes ...

Episode 9 : Long John Silver S1 E9

"Sword of Vengeance" - Long John Silver spots a ship on the sea, where almost everyone is murdered. All except ...

Episode 10 : Long John Silver S1 E10

"Turnabout" - France and England are at war and to the amusement of Long John Silver and his pirate crew, ...

Episode 11 : Long John Silver S1 E11

"Miss Purity's Birthday" - Miss Purity is upset that no one has remembered her birthday except the priest.

Episode 12 : Long John Silver S1 E12

"Dead Reckoning" - Long John Silver and Miss Purity think it's time for young Jim to attend a fine private ...

Episode 13 : Long John Silver S1 E13

"Devil's Stew" - After a big gambling loss, Long John Silver is persuaded to take up the legitimate business of ...